Introduction- Jamie Reizenberg

Hi everyone!

I’m a 21 year old Physiotherapy student at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a healthy lifestyle advocate, sports enthusiast, and lazy reader. I am also an irregular traveller and cat-mom to my loving furr-child, Mittens. Above all, I am passionate about helping people which is why Physiotherapy, I feel, is the only course I was ever meant to study and practice.

Beginning this year’s ethics  module with this blog really excites me because I know I am being welcomed into a realm where I can push the boundaries- especially my own- and finally learn how to take a critical stand when it comes to ethical dilemmas and my personal beliefs. Surprisingly, I don’t feel too anxious about sharing my written work on this blog. Instead, I see this as a completely new learning adventure that I am positive I will grow from.

I think that people have much more to offer than just ‘what meets the eye’ and I am curious as to what that is, and how that can effect change in myself, and in the world today.


3 Replies to “Introduction- Jamie Reizenberg”

  1. I stumbled across the word “cat” from your blog and I just had to read what you had to write about these ever so cute but scary animals. I have a major phobia for cats, something I have been trying to get over since first year. Just thought I’d share that with you 😀

    I really liked the part where you said you not anxious at all about writing a blog and having people out there see it. I was very anxious as I started writing but after reading your post the anxiousness has somewhat disappeared.

    “I think that people have much more to offer than just ‘what meets the eye’ ” – definitely living by this from now on 🙂


  2. Jamie, I just agree with everything you said and how you said it. I’m not one to share my thoughts quite often and I took a glimpse through the other posts… I see I’m not alone, but the way you changed something that is negative to most of us into something positive gave me a type of confidence for future posts. It is true, people have MUCH MORE to offer than ‘what meets the eye’ and I am curious with you as to what it is and how it will effect my way of thinking 🙂


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