Introduction – Nick Steenekamp

Hey everyone, I am a 4th year physiotherapy student at the University of the Western Cape. I am a sports enthusiast and like to fill my weekends either with soccer or golf. However sports is not the main field of physio that draws my attention. I am extremely keen to work in the paediatrics field. I have always enjoyed working with kids and I think that if one can make a small change early on in a child’s life it can have a massive impact on their life in the future.

I’ve heard lots about blogging, but have never tried it myself. I must say the thought of posting my opinions and ideas out in the open makes me anxious, but I think it could be an awesome learning experience. I normally struggle with wording my opinions and this often leads to confusion when trying to convey my message or points occasionally, so hopefully this blogging will be able to help we with that.

In our profession as Physiotherapists ethics plays a major role. Ethical dilemmas always arise no matter the field or type of practice (government/private). I am looking forward to hearing others opinions on the different topics raised in this class (on the blog) and hopefully learning from others views and opinions.

One Reply to “Introduction – Nick Steenekamp”

  1. Hi Nick. You’re not alone in having trouble expressing your thoughts, especially with complex topics like ethics dilemmas in clinical practice. Most of us have difficulty even figuring out why we feel a certain way about certain ideas. I hope that this course gives you the opportunity to explore some of those ideas and to learn about different ways of thinking through them.


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