Exploitation of patients in researches “Integrity in research”

Human-subjects to research: Participation of human or patients in research is voluntary. Sometimes considered vulnerable when the patients or participant in medical research didn’t informed clearly about all information related to the trail/research they will be participate in, the advantages and disadvantages (distribution of scarce benefits fits with distribution of burden – fair sharing of burdens (risks) and benefits) for justice. Because ethically the participants have rights to know by details and agrees to potential consequences about the trail or experiment he/she go through if it for applying new treatment/therapy by using specific modalities, so it will be better if they had informed consent as one of ethical clearance.

By human nature when the student/researcher look for volunteers (patients) to subject for a research they show their interest in participating  specially the uneducated or poor people as kind of help for the student/researcher for his/her research.

But the students/ researcher they have to put in their mind that it will take unfair advantage of power differentials to do what they wants with no consideration of the physical, psychological, economic, social or legal harm that may occur to the participants.

Sometimes the participants take burden of cost of something’s like pay for transportation to reach the place of the clinic or hospital, which is research or trail carried on without financial benefit back to them, with wasting their time and personal business.

The students/ researchers don’t have to using participants to achieve research ends without looking   to participant’s rights (disrespect).


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