Discover abuse….Save a life

Abuse…sometimes it is not easy to discover, although it happens quite much, as many are trying to hide it. More knowledge and support units for people getting  abused must be offered, some countries already have those units while other countries are still under developing those ones or the units already exist but not functioning in away to provide the most possible help that is desperately needed

As a physiotherapist I have witnessed some verbal abuse from a husband towards his wife (she was the patient with ankle sprain), as they are entering the rehabilitation center she was struggling with climbing the outer steps of the center and then he starts calling her stupid, crazy,..etc with a loud voice that catch the attention of everyone in the center. He never thought of helping her to climb up the stairs but focused on telling her how stupid she is in twisting her ankle, then she said ” it is painful” and he repeated her words in sarcastic and demeaning tone.Some people in the center tried to talk to him to stop that attitude and calm down the situation but they got a part from the verbal abuse as well.

It was so chaotic until he decides to calm down by his own. And in her session she apologized for her husband’s attitude and said that he is nervous and uptight person and he always like this even with their children (not as a complain but as an explanation), then she tried to find some excuses for his actions as he has a lot of pressure from work,…etc (which were unreasonable excuses in my opinion). It was really uncomfortable moments full of shouts, anger, fear and hurting words and I wonder if we couldn’t bear those few moments of shouts how could this woman bear that almost every day? . And I wonder if that ankle sprain was a result of the abuse?

It was an obvious verbal abuse, and it was clear from her face that she is a careworn, but the family and community sometimes doesn’t help, as some families push their daughter to bear the abuse for the sake of children, finance, not to get divorce,…etc, and the community may not have roles for stopping violence against women or any other kinds of abuse. Even though some people try to talk to the husband telling him to try not to shout on her and speak in a good way but I am quite sure those words were left in the center (that was the only action been taken at that time)

Of course abuse can happen to women, children as well as elderly, and I think that teachers could be more able to detect abuse in children specially in primary schools as they spend most of the time with them, and so they can discover any changes in behavior or attitude of the child and report it, or even if the abuse is towards the mother and being done in front of the child it will definitely affect the child’s behavior so it could by the salvation from abuse through the teacher. And doctors for sure have the chance of discovering the abuse during examination through bruises…etc.

It is not only on teachers and doctors to discover the abuse, every individual is involved but they are the most possible detectors.



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  1. Dear Sarah

    Thank you for sharing this experience. I suppose one of the challenges of abusive situations is in defining what “abuse” means. We all have those situations where we’re frustrated and our tendency is to lash out, and all too often we lash out at those who are closest to us…maybe because it’s (relatively) safe? I’m not condoning the behaviour but trying to understand where it’s coming from might help us to develop strategies to approach having a conversation about it.

    The other point you raise that I think is important is the role that culture plays in how we respond to instances of abuse. As you say, in many situations the person being abused is put under enormous pressure to stay in the relationship because of concerns about how leaving would be perceived. In other situations the person being abused may not even have the option, for example with children and older adults. We need to do more as a society and community to recognise and name the abuse of our most vulnerable citizens.

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