Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when either:

  • The conduct is made as a term or condition of an individual’s employment, education, living environment or participation in a University community.
  • The acceptance or refusal of such conduct is used as the basis or a factor in decisions affecting an individual’s employment, education, living environment, or participation in a University community.
  • The conduct unreasonably impacts an individual’s employment or academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for that individual’s employment, education, living environment, or participation in a University community.


According to Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration  there are different forms of sexual harassment, namely:

  •  Sexual harassment may include unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct, but is not limited to the examples listed as follows:
  •  Physical conduct of a sexual nature includes all unwanted physical contact, ranging from touching to sexual assault and rape, and includes a strip search by or in the presence of the opposite sex.
  • Verbal forms of sexual harassment include unwelcome innuendoes, suggestions and hints, sexual advances, comments with sexual overtones, sex-related jokes or insults or unwelcome graphic comments about a person’s body made in their presence or directed toward them, unwelcome and inappropriate enquiries about a person’s sex life, and unwelcome whistling directed at a person or group of persons.
  •  Non-verbal forms of sexual harassment include unwelcome gestures, indecent exposure, and the unwelcome display of sexually explicit pictures and objects.
  •  Sexual favouritism exists where a person who is in a position of authority rewards only those who respond to his/her sexual advances, whilst other deserving employees who do not submit themselves to any sexual advances are denied promotions, merit rating or salary increased.

Sexual harassment in the workplace like a hospital can happen in any forms, and unfortunately, I have experienced one where patients verbally harass me. I worked in a ward where I saw the majority of the patients of that ward. there was a specific room in that ward of which I used to dread. this room had 6 patients of which I used to treat 4 of them. the minute I walked into that room all the comments would start. I first took as a joke till it got to the point where I would actually panic every time I walked into that room. the patients would make comments about my looks, to the way I walked and even my touch to them was more or less like as seen in the video. this made it very difficult for me to conduct an effective treatment for these patients as I did not want to spend a long time in that room. this hindered me achieving my goal as a physio. I made sure that every time I treated these patients I kept the curtain open as I did not trust these patients. they inappropriately look at me while making comments about me being in bed with them. I used to note this down in physio notes. this situation was very difficult to cope with as I imagesdid not have a clinician at that time because she was on sick leave. I had about 5 different clinicians who would check up on me now and then but I never really had the chance to express my concerns with them. I, however, explained this to the sister in charge and she made sure that whenever I was in that room, there was always a nurse or the sister herself around just to reassure me. I don’t know if I handled this situation accordingly but at least I managed to still achieve my duty as a physio.



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3 Replies to “Objectified!!!!”

  1. Firstly, you main picture is on point and really sets the tone for what i thought i was about to read.Good job! You go from talking about sexual harassment to verbal harassment in your experience so its very hard to relate your clinical experience with the topic you have introduced from the start. Your sentences need a little structure, using capital letters and full stops. You have used some great media, nicely done! I see the first part of your post looks like a direct quote, where is the reference for that? Perhaps add in text references for your next post.
    As for your clinical situation, that is a terrible situation to be in, you surely did the right thing by having a another professional with you, i commend you for that, for standing up for yourself and our profession.


  2. Hi Colleen

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I can definitely relate to what you went through. I agree when you state that you cannot fulfill your job as a physiotherapist because we tend to escape a uncomfortable situation.
    The video was very good as it gives the readers a CLEAR idea of the situation at hand. The cover picture is also suitable as it immediately gives the reader an idea of what they will be reading about.

    There are a few grammar errors use of capital letters at the start of each sentence. Try to keep your sentences short and more concise.Try to have someone read through your work before submitting it. Also try to use in-text referencing and make use of more paragraphs.

    Otherwise good luck and all the best with future blogging.


  3. Hey Colleen
    At first glance your post really draws me in and captivates my attention. After reading your post it is a very unfortunate event you had to endure. the situation seemed really uncomfortable and i can only imagine how 5 weeks must of felt like 5 years when you work in dreadful conditions. I empathize with your situation and agree that no one should be treated like and object for someones personal use.

    I do feel that you should work on your sentence structure and ensure all grammatical errors are resolved. i enjoyed the media you added. for future please ensure you use intext references and try to explain how you would handle this situation if it where to happen in the future again.


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