Welcome to the online component of the IEP course on professional ethics.

This website is a space for you to read, write and reflect on the topics in the course. Each student will share their thoughts on professional and ethical practice with the community of students from departments in other countries. You will be writing here on the course website, commenting on the writing of other students, and then developing your understanding of professional ethics in the classroom in your home department.


applications-fontThis course is arranged around topics that are relevant for the development of ethical and professional practice in healthcare. They have been selected by the course coordinators because they are relevant for your curriculum. The idea behind this course is not that you will be provided with all the content you need to learn, but that you will be presented with a series of topics that stimulate your own thinking around your personal clinical and ethical practice. Since you are being encouraged to reflect on, and share potentially sensitive information, please read the UK General Medical Council’s guidance on the use of social media by healthcare professionals. Go to the topics.


folderDuring this course you will develop a portfolio of learning on this website. A portfolio is a collection of evidence that demonstrates your engagement with the topics in the course, as well as any additional work you have done on your own. It is therefore not simply a repetition of the facts that you have been given but is rather meant to be an insightful, thoughtful reflection on how those facts have been, or can be, integrated into your own clinical and ethical practice. Learn more about portfolios.

On writing

accessories-text-editorIn this course you will learn how to blog since that is the form that your portfolio will take. Each student participating in the course has been registered as an author on this blog, and all personal reflections in your portfolio are collected in your own online space. For many of you, this will be the first time that you will be blogging, so we have provided some context and links to other resources that you should find useful.

Each week you will be expected to cover a single topic in the course. You will receive guidance from your local course facilitator on what topics to cover, and in which order. The only requirement is that you complete all of the required topics by the closing deadline for your institution. “Covering a topic” means working through the content, reading and commenting on the posts of your peers, and then writing your own personal reflection on how the topic relates to your own clinical practice experiences. Learn how to write in this course.